Call for speakers and presentations will open in January 2015.  For additional information or to be added to the notification list, please contact the Dairy Show team.

The 2013 International Dairy Show proudly offered a wide range of educational topics such as: distribution & transportation, food safety & traceability, product development, sustainability, packaging trends and more. 

Some of the education sessions included in the 2013 show:

  • Communications Strategy: Framing the “Good for You” Food & Beverage Debate
  • Using Mobile Technology to Directly Engage with Your Customers and Generate More Revenue Opportunities
  • Converting High Strength Waste to Energy: A Case Study at Grande Cheese Company
  • Global Market Convergence: Fleeting or Forever?
  • Sweeteners & Dairy: The New Conversation. Why Understanding Consumer Attitudes Toward Sweeteners Is Critical
  • Using Cow Manure to Fuel Your Fleet
  • How to Reduce Product Loss in Dairy Foods Manufacturing
  • Consideration of Sustainability Issues by Consumers When Making Retail Food & Beverage Purchases
  • Speaking the Language of Sustainability
  • USDEC Traceability Workshop: Why and How Processors Are Embracing Enhanced Traceability
  • The Harsh Reality of Operating a Private Fleet in Today’s Volatile Economy
  • Biogas: Is the Glass (of Milk) Half Empty or Half Full?


2013 Featured Speakers:

Harry Balzer
Vice President of The NPD Group and expert in food consulting and eating behaviors.

Food Trends with Harry Balzer (Co-sponsored by MilkPEP)
Harry Balzer has been following the eating and drinking patterns of Americans for 35 years. He is the author of The NPD Group’s Annual Report on Eating Patterns in America, which is used by food industry leaders to make smarter business decisions and gain fact-based insight. Balzer is widely known within the industry as a main source for unbiased market information.

Todd R. Hale
Senior Vice President of consumer and shopper insights for Nielsen, a global research company

It’s a Greek Yogurt World
According to The New York Times, several marketing analysts say Greek yogurt represents more than $2 billion of the $6 billion yogurt market, with sales of the Greek style having increased 53% for the year ending in early February. Is the Greek yogurt trend here to stay? Hear from Greek yogurt processors and global research professionals.

Rick Berman
Executive Director of the Center for Consumer Freedom, and President of Berman and Company

From Cheese to “Dairy Crack”: Inside the Campaign to Label Food as “Addictive”
“Is cheddar cheese addictive?,” asks Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). According to Barnard and a growing chorus of anti-industry colleagues, cheese is little more than “morphine on a cracker,” or, more bluntly, “dairy crack.” Groups like PCRM and Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity have turned to the “tobacco/alcohol playbook where kids are victims and hidden dangers justify bold warnings, regulating availability and higher taxes to depress sales.” Rick Berman, executive director of the Center for Consumer Freedom, and president of the Washington, DC-based public affairs firm Berman and Company, takes us inside the obesity wars to examine a new addiction line of attack against the food industry.


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